Friday, April 11, 2014

The Time that Ina Started Sleeping in Our Bed

Good morning and Happy Friday!  My eyes popped open at 3:15 am, so today is going to be a good, long, productive day.  

Why did my eyes pop open?  Because there was a baby on my foot.  Yep, Ina rolled onto my foot and decided that would be the perfect place to continue sleeping.

Wait, Racheal, I thought Ina slept in her crib?  

Well, she did.  

IMG 5155

However, she had an ear infection that lasted about a month.  Then we went to Las Vegas and she stayed with her grandparents.  Then we went to my grandma’s house.  Then allergies took over our lives. 

Inconsistency + pure exhaustion = me giving up and bringing her into bed with us.  

Up until a few nights ago I would still attempt to put Ina in her crib sometime throughout the night, even though as soon as she woke up she would cry her eyes out and yell “Mawwwmmm!  Daaaa!!!” and break my heart.

However, the past 3 or 4 nights we have gone to bed with Ina and woke up with her.  This morning it hit me - Ina sleeps with us.  

And it isn’t working for me.  

I don’t sleep well.  She doesn’t sleep well.  There is the safety issue to consider, although I think we are past that age for the most part.  I tip-toe around her every morning trying to get ready while she sleeps in our room.  I don’t have the option of running in the morning because I have to listen for Ina, just in case she wakes up.  

If it was just the inconsistency in her schedule, I think we could get over it and eventually sleep train her again.  

However, there is a bigger issue.  Nothing makes Dan happier than Ina sleeping on his chest.

IMG 5145

Every single night, Dan sweetly puts Ina to sleep.  He either holds her on the couch while we are watching TV or puts her to sleep in bed while we are reading.  He is a rockstar at this and the few times that he has been gone and I have to put her to sleep I fail misreably.

Dan also prefers to continue to hold Ina, while she is sleeping, until he falls asleep.  So, I stay awake until Dan and Ina both fall asleep, and then carry Ina from Dan’s arms to her crib.  This usually wakes Dan up, and he usually begs for me to just leave her there, but I always say no.  

He also begs for me to let her sleep with us, for “just tonight.”  

I love that Dan wants to hold Ina so much - because of the hours he works they don’t get much other time together. I also hate being the bad guy every night, taking a baby away from her daddy.  I hate being the bully that always says no.  

So, what gives?

I don’t know if there is a clear answer here.

Help me please.

Parents who co-sleep - does it get better?  How do you / did you deal with the problems I mentioned?

Parents who strictly crib-sleep - how do you / did you deal with schedule inconsistencies and sickness?  Is it possible to deviate from a routine and then get back to it?

Thanks in advance for any input you have and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Hi, Rachel. I love your blog and have never commented before, but this was something I could relate to. So, here's my opinion.... Right now this is a big deal to you, but I promise you "this too shall pass". If your husband and your daughter both feel the most comfortable and secure I would honestly let it happen. Change your routine a little to adjust to this for awhile. I promise you it won't last forever. I have a 17 and a 6 year old, so I know. They both came into our beds for awhile when they were younger and guess what? We all got sleep and we all lived and now that time has passed. I personally feel like you would end up feeling better if you just went with the flow on this one instead of fighting the current. Does this make sense? Anyway I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck!


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