Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday

First of all, I am thankful for my teeth.  I had a crazy dream last night that they fell out and I couldn’t get my phone to give me directions to my dentist’s office.  So, I was very thankful when I woke up to find them all still nicely in tact.

IMG 5326

I am thankful for Ina saying “thank you” appropriately.  She mostly says it when I give her a cup of milk, something to eat, or a toy she wants, but it is still so sweet.  She will also say it to Danielle when we leave, if I ask her to.  

I was thankful for all 52 oz. of water during my 30 minute spin class on Tuesday.  Seriously, after the first song, I was so tired I wanted to be like, “just kidding” and leave, it was intense.  

IMG 5325

I am thankful for the check-out guy at Target who gave Ina a sticker and prevented a full on meltdown when the items in the cart had to go in the bag and she couldn’t “play” with them anymore.  She (reluctantly) said thank you to him too.  

IMG 5197

I am thankful that Ina has started sleeping in her crib again.  After writing Friday’s post I realized that I wanted to try it out again, and it worked!  Thank God!  The past few nights she has slept all the way through with only 1 five minute wake up. Thanks to all of you who gave me words of advice and encouragement.  You are the best!

I am thankful for family dinners - last night many of us went to celebrate my sister’s birthday and I got to hold my nephew Jake Potato (<— his too cute nickname).

IMG 5332

I am thankful for spring flowers - seriously - just can’t get enough.

IMG 5193

Lastly, I am beyond thankful for my salvation.

IMG 5317

[Blurry photo courtesy of my Purpose Driven Life Book.]

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Love that last part :) so true. Actually love everything! What a sweet girl saying thank you!


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