Monday, April 7, 2014

Low-Key Sunday

Yesterday was the low-key Sunday I have dreams about.

We went to the early church service and walked about the door feeling fulfilled with the entire day still in front of us. 

Once Dan and Ina took their Sunday nap,

IMG 5145

I went out the door for a nice little run.

IMG 5144

Then we watched the Royals game.  Ina is so close to saying, “Go Royals!”  and thinks every man with a tinge of gray hair on TV is her “papa.”  She honestly doesn’t understand why they won’t respond to her yelling their names!

Next we played outside,

IMG 5149

and Ina refused to take her hood down.  

IMG 5152

It was such a beautiful evening that we couldn’t resist the urge to grill, so we threw the meal-plan out the window.

JalapeƱo and feta kale salad and chicken.  

IMG 5154

So stinking good.  

I hope you have a week blessed with the perfect mix of productiveness and relaxation!

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