Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It Seems So Small...

The amount of food that can fit on that Cinderella spoon seems so small, but let me tell you, it is a lot.

IMG 5520

A Cinderella-spoonful of banana oatmeals magically multiplies when it is all over my hands, Ina’s hands, my table, my floor, my shirt, etc.  

Breakfast is so fun.


A thirty minute spin class seems so small, but 30 minutes is a lllooooonnnggg time when your heart is beating out of your chest between hills and sprints, and then oh look!  another hill!  

My legs are sufficiently sore today.


Our little raised box garden seems so small, until it is time to pull the weeds.  

IMG 5523

I tried to recruit Ina’s help, but she was very concerned with some dirt in one spot that she was convinced needed to be moved to a different spot.  

We were both pretty wiped when our job was through.  

IMG 5511

[The kids likes dirt]


Ina’s new white t-shirt seems so small, until I try to get all the dirt off of it.  I have to keep telling myself that I bought it to be a play shirt.  Play shirts get dirty.  Get over it.  

IMG 5531


Ina’s teeth seem so small, until a new one is pushing through her gums.  Poor baby girl is in some serious pain, but nothing that some ibuprofen won’t fix.  


Ina seemed so small, my little baby, until one day she was running, jumping, laughing, talking, yelling, giggling, hitting(!), eating, kissing, hugging, and sleeping like a big kid.  

IMG 5438

Hey time, would you please slow down?


  1. I love this post. What a clever way to look at your day. It also is a good reminder that I need to get some kind of chicken wire around my little raised bed garden!

  2. I love your raised garden box Racheal, it's amazing.


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