Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ironman March = Completed

Good morning!

IMG 5042

I hope you had a fantastic start to your week!  

I am so happy to say that I finished the Ironman March challenge on March 31st.  

IMG 5051

Whew.  If I do this next year I cannot let myself put biking off until the end.  I haven’t ran in almost two weeks because I had to get in the swimming and biking portions.  I am going to rest today, but you better believe that tomorrow I am going on a nice long run.

Thanks to Caitlin for hosting such great challenge!  I never would have broke out of my running rut this early in tri-training season if it wasn’t for Ironman March. 

Yesterday was pretty identical to the day before, except I went to work instead of church and relaxing, so  really nothing like the day before, except for dinner.  

Grilled pork chops, zucchini, squash, and jalapeƱos, with this pinto bean salad.

IMG 5043

Dan said that the pinto bean salad is one of the best I have made.  I can’t wait to see how good it tastes when tomatoes are in season!

I am glad that salad was good, because while I was chopping up the veggies, this happened.

IMG 5048

The past few days I have left the back door open and let Ina play on the stair while I cook.  Yesterday, she tripped over her blanket and face planted on the concrete.  Although she looks pretty rough, she cried for 20 seconds and then wanted to swing.  

The girl just doesn’t have time for that nonsense.

She saves crying for important things, like when someone takes her orange peel.  

Have a good one!  

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  1. What a feat! Way to go. I pinned that pinto bean salad as soon as you linked to it it. So he loved it, huh? I was planning on making it for myself since the hubs is allergic to pintos. Think black beans would work as well?


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