Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ina's Easter Basket + A Few Easter Ideas

I went back and forth about if I was going to get Ina an Easter basket.  

Last night during small group we had a very interesting and needed discussion about how to celebrate holidays like Easter and if it would be possible to do things like the Easter Bunny without taking a child’s focus away from Jesus.  Many of the points the women brought up were interesting and things I have never thought of before.  

However, I was raised with Easter baskets from the Easter bunny, and I don’t deal well with change.  Also, I love celebrating every part of the holiday and all holidays, really.  

After talking with Dan, praying, and thinking a lot, I have decided (for now, this can always change) that we will likely get Ina a basket every year, but not tell her it is from the Easter bunny.  It is more of an Easter “present.”  

If she asks (of course she will ask), we will tell her the Easter bunny is a fun game, but not to spoil it for her friends.  Instead, tell your friends what YOU know about Easter.  Tell them about the cross.  Tell them about the empty tomb. Tell them that He is risen. 

All of that just to tell you that Ina got a few cool things, that I needed to get her anyways.

IMG 5329

  • A carrot and strawberry sip pie cup (yay fruit and veggies!)
  • Two new summer play clothes outfits (needed - desperately)
  • Organic fruit snacks
  • The basket and stuffed lamb were courtesy of my aunt
  • A ball and sunflower growing kit from the dollar bin (because she played with them while we were shopping and I felt like I had to buy them)
  • IMG 5331

I shoved everything in there pretty tight, so she will enjoy taking it out and then trying to put it back in over and over again.

A few other fun Easter ideas:

Planning anything fun for Easter?  With out without the bunny?


  1. Jello jigglers. Wow... haven't heard that term in ages!

  2. I love those Jell-O eggs, what a fun idea! Great pics for the basket too, she will love it all! :o) Visiting from the link up. Happy Easter!

  3. The jello-jigglers are so cute! :) I need to get some cute molds like those.


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