Friday, April 18, 2014

Dying Easter Eggs + Friday Favorites

I am sure it will come to no surprise to you that Ina loved dying Easter eggs.

She loved dipping the eggs in the dye.

IMG 5359

She loved hoarding the eggs.

IMG 5357

She loved dumping the eggs OUT of the container.  She even loved playing with dye box - she seriously couldn’t get enough of putting those circles thru the holes.

We now have 12 (slightly cracked) colored eggs for lunch next week and only 2 of my fingers are blue. Win!

Also of interest yesterday - I ran 7 miles.  I am still trying to decide if I should run a half marathon in a month and a half and I told myself that if I could get to 8 miles that I would do it. Almost there!

Here are are few of my favorites from the week:

- These printable daily command center schedules.  Changed. My. Life.  Seriously, I am going to do an entire post on these after a few weeks of using them, but let me just tell you now that after one week my productivity and efficiency have increased exponentially.  

- Mindy Kaling’s Jimmy Kimmel Interview.  I seriously snorted out my coffee laughing.  I completely agree Mindy!  I too  think that “it takes a lot of effort to look like a normal / chubby woman.”  Very well said.

- Sally Hansen Salon Pro DIY gel manicure starter kit- I bought this kit for my sister for her birthday and I am seriously eyeing it for myself.  ONE manicure at the salon costs as much as that set, so I should totally buy it, right?

- 24 People who applied for the world’s toughest job were in for quite a surprise.  I am sure you have seen this - totally blew up on my newsfeed this week.  I felt so bad for the interviewees once they realized they weren’t actually interviewing for a job. Talk about a let down.  However, it does still reinforce how hard it is to be a mom 24/7.  I actually get a break when I go to work in many ways because I get to sit down, drink coffee, eat my lunch, talk to a friend, etc, without the responsibility of caring for Ina.   However, I sure do miss her!

- 18 babies experiencing things for the first time.  So cute!

- This very interesting (and beautifully made) video on Coca-Cola focusing their advertising on minorities.  Watching this totally reinforced by hatred for soda.  I showed it to Dan, because I am really trying to get him to stop drinking soda before Ina starts wanting “sips.”  However, I also know that I can’t sit on my high horse for too long, because although I don’t drink soda, I do still consume sugar, which is kind of the same thing.  

- Closing Comments (but Opening Up More Conversation). I am strongly considering closing the comments on my site after reading this- mostly because my site is not very conducive to commenting, and people usually email me anyways.  I do have a few very faithful commenters - who I love and appreciate.  Also, I would love not getting those hundreds of spam comments I get in one day.  

- The Shu Box on 10 years of blogging.  Interesting thoughts on time and prioritizing blogging as a mom.  

I think that is all I have.  I hope you have an amazing and blessed Easter weekend!

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