Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Broken Treadmill

My treadmill broke yesterday.

IMG 0058

It didn’t break in the not usable sort of way.

Instead, I was about a mile into my run yesterday morning, and I felt a board? fall out of the middle of it.  I could still run, it was just bouncier.  Like nothing was underneath me anymore.

I had visions of my foot going through the belt and then my treadmill sucking me underneath itself - punishing me for the 5 years of torture I have caused it.  

So, I backed up (I am a front of the treadmill runner) and it felt much more sturdy, enough to finish my run.

This is obviously a problem that really isn’t a problem.  I have a gym membership.  My office has plenty of treadmills.  It is spring.  There is still something so nice about being able to go down to the basement and run. So, I might be in the market for a new treadmill.


What is more likely to happen is that I will keep trying to use it until I break it beyond use.  

Or my foot goes through the belt.

I feel so off today because Ina stayed at Dan’s parents house last night and she will again tonight.  Dan and I already started with the Ina impersonations, which is what we do when we miss her.  By tonight we will probably be at 100% Ina-talk.  

IMG 5571

I hope your day is covered with icing!

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  1. Can it be fixed? It might be something simple!


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