Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bad Decisions

Yesterday my decision making skills weren’t up to snuff.

First, yesterday morning, Ina and I set out on a run to her daycare.  It was mid-40’s so I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Had I looked at my phone I would have known it was supposed to rain.

IMG 5163

About a mile out, the sprinkles and the wind started.  Mid-40’s feels very different when you are wet.  We passed many cars dropping kids off at a school nearby and I could feel every single one of those parents' eyes judging me and my parenting decisions.  

I wanted to yell, “She is dry!  This is a good stroller!  It wasn’t raining when we left!”  

I suppose it could have been worse.  i could have been wearing a white t-shirt.  

Later, after Ina came home, I was cooking dinner for small group and she was entertaining herself by going through my purse.  She found a few chapstick tubes and a few of my spare contacts that I keep in there.  I didn’t want her to mess with the contacts, so I taught her how to open the Chapstick.

IMG 5168

Then I taught her how to put it on.  What was I thinking?

She proceeded to smear the stuff all over her face and then shoved her finger down the tube, trying to get every last bit of it out.  When I took it away from her, she threw a fit that only a fruity pebbles treat could quiet.  

Comforting my child with food - another bad decision.  Yikes.  

Here’s to better decisions today!


Tip for the day: Need to feed a crowd?  I had the below menu for small group last night.  It was super easy and tasty!

5 ingredient crockpot sausage pasta sauce (I used the Italian turkey sausage from Aldi)

Noodles - both wheat angel hair and brown rice spirals

Greens with red onions, black olives, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, and this homemade dressing

Store-bought garlic bread

Freshly grated parmesan cheese

Rice Krispy treats made with fruity pebbles



  1. We all have those days! Thanks for sharing the recipes you use/find. I always get great ideas from you.

  2. lol too cute with the lip gloss!! your menu sounds delicious!


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