Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bad Decisions, Part Two

Good morning! Last week I wrote about a few bad decisions I made throughout the day.  Yesterday was actually a pretty good day, it is just filled with little mis-steps.  

- I sliced and de-seeded a jalapeƱo and then put my contacts in.  Yee-ow.

- I dressed Ina for the day (in a white shirt) and then gave her strawberries for breakfast

- I had plans to run during lunch, so I went downstairs to the gym to change.  Once I was completely dressed, I realized that I forgot my headphones at my desk.  So, I took the elevator up to the 4th floor, in my running tights and made the mad dash to my desk in the hopes that no one would see me.  I only saw my boss and her boss.  Sigh.  Nothing says “professional” like running tights.

- When I got to my desk I realized that I also didn’t have a hair tie, so I frantically searched my desk, and found one.  The only problem was that it was being used.  I can’t even say how it was being used, it is so embarrassing. Let’s just say I will never forget my hair tie again, because when I do I go to a very desperate and dark place where I don’t care about the consequences.  

- Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, so when I picked Ina up after work we immediately came home and I gave her some crayons to color her a card.  

IMG 5319

This was a good idea - but leaving her unsupervised with said crayons while I cooked dinner was not.  She colored on the table, I guess I should be lucky she didn’t color on the wall.  

A few good decisions from yesterday

- Running - 4.6 miles on the treadmill - it was the good run I have been looking for.

- Making this brown rice and turkey casserole for dinner.  Ina and I gobbled it up.  I will repeat it for sure and probably double and freeze half next time.

IMG 5321

- Taking time in the morning for meditation and prayer.  Even though my mornings are pretty hectic, I find that when take time for this I can handle much more (see above) throughout the day with stride.

How about you?  Did you make any bad or good decisions yesterday?  

Have a good day!

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