Monday, April 14, 2014

A Few Random Stories

On a hot run this weekend I was pushing Ina up a steep hill, which topped out at a church that was hosting a fish fry.  There was a man outside advertising the fish fry and he looked at me and said, “Wow, honey, good for you.  There better be a special place in heaven for you."

I replied back, “I sure hope so!"


It makes me very nervous when Ina says “UH-OH” with a concerned look on her face and I have no idea what happened. What do you know that I don’t, kid?


This weekend I had my first taste of summer, and it tastes salty, mostly like sweat.  Although, it is cold today, so go figure.


Ina helped me bake brownies last night.  

Good thing she was so cute, because when the brownies came out of the oven and Dan and I tasted them, we gave each other a funny look and I said, “well, they might taste good with ice cream?"

Then he said, “it is going to take a lot of ice cream."


I made the mistake of checking my FB newsfeed at 2 am this morning while I woke up with during one of Ina’s 10 minute crying sessions and I read the horrible news about what happened yesterday just a few blocks away from where I work.  I couldn’t sleep wondering why there is so much hate?  I just don’t get it.  I sincerely pray that God can give the family members some type of peace and comfort and that we can continue to work to change the heart of the suspect.  


A few pictures from yesterday: 

- Kale salad of my dreams - kale massaged with olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt and topped with a jalapeƱo (mostly de-seeded and diced), crumbled feta, and grilled chicken.

IMG 5290

- Something is up with one or both of our dogs and they have decided to leave “presents” on the carpet for us, so we busted out the carpet shampooer yesterday.

IMG 5273

Of course, it didn’t work, so we have to take it apart first.

IMG 5288

Then Ina thought she needed to help.

IMG 5282

Such a stink.

- I put a few more things up on the gallery wall in ina’s room

IMG 5292

and also added the vinyl letters around her picture in the hallway.  (It says, such a big miracle in such a little girl.  She really is miracle.)

IMG 5295

- We spent the majority of yesterday watching the rain come down and listening to thunder.  During Ina’s nap, I sat on the back covered patio and read our small group study - The Purpose Driven Life, What on Earth arm I Here For?.

IMG 5297

Such a peaceful, fun, and productive day, which I hope prepared me for this busy week ahead.  Have a good one!

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  1. Adorable little Ina apron makes bad brownies = worth it! ;-)


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