Friday, March 7, 2014

Wait, Isn't Today Saturday?

Good morning!  I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday, so when Dan kissed me goodbye I was slightly confused.  

I thought it was Saturday, because I slept 8+ hours without a peep from Ina.

IMG 4549

(Ina and Granny sleeping)

Which surprised me, because when we went to the doctor yesterday, she STILL had an ear infection (even though we hadn’t missed ONE dose of antibiotic).  However, the doctor thought it was improving and wanted to hold out on starting a different antibiotic until she was obviously symptomatic.  Finger crossed.

To top things off, she also had to get three shots.  Sad face.  Other than that her doctor said she was doing great and was very impressed with her “reading skills.”  (She flips through books pretending like she is reading, blabbing on the entire time.)

Other things to note: 

- Ina is getting really good at feeding herself.

IMG 4543

-My 40 days of green is still going strong!

PicMonkey Collage

-Ina and I went to Aldi yesterday and she felt the need to yell at every single person in the parking lot.

IMG 4554

- This is what I have to manage when cooking dinner.  I really enjoy the days the Dan gets home before 7.  

IMG 4561

I hope you have the most fantastic weekend!  I am so ready for it to be here and looking forward to the great weather next week!

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