Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday Funday

Good morning!

I don’t even mind that today is the Monday after daylight savings time, because the high today is 72.  Seventy-freaking-two.  I am wearing a dress and sandals and never looking back.  

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Ours started out great and ended even better.

Yesterday was (an extremely early) church service, followed by breakfast, then nap time (aka Racheal watches Homeland time),

IMG 4674

then a beautiful run around the lake,

IMG 4677

then we met with my mom and brother and sister and a few of their kids at the park.  

IMG 4679

We were especially excited to see Baby Jake.  

IMG 4686

Don’t mind the crunchy face.  Baby Jake likes me.  The jury is still out on his feelings about Ina and her tendency to hit him on the head.  

We walked in the door just in time to start dinner for our friends Eric and Courtney and their son Eli.

3 9 14 eats

Courtney brought over corn on the cob and Ina was thankful.  

IMG 4689

Very thankful.

I hope you have a blessed day today and enjoy that sunshine if you get the chance!

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