Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lent Challenge: 40 Days of Green

Good morning!  Happy Fat Tuesday.   Doing anything to celebrate?  We are having small group over tonight, which is always a great time!

This year for Lent, instead of giving something up, I am going to ADD to my life.  

40 days of green

More specifically, add something green to every meal.  I did this two years ago and thought it was a great challenge and although not necessarily a sacrifice, still a way to observe Lent.  (Although some would say traveling with a cucumber is indeed a sacrifice.)

Do you want to join me in this?  

Maybe you could start small and add something green to one meal a day?  Take baby steps?  If you do, be sure to tag me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with pictures of you adding green to your meals and use #40daysofgreen.  

I am going to be documenting all of my green additions on Instagram, and most of them will likely make their way to here also. 

For today, however, make these paleo morning glory muffins.  

IMG 4495

Oh, these muffins.  Hands down the best gluten free / clean eating / paleo muffin I have tasted.  As the recipe stands, there is nothing green in them, but trust that I will be adding shredded zucchini and report back.  Because there is no way I will go 40 days without another one of these babies.  Make them now.  

Need a green idea to get you started?  These turkey Thai zucchini meatballs with coconut curry sauce are fantastic - served with broccoli and you have TWO green additions to your meal.  

IMG 4492

I will leave you with a picture of Ina and Aumlette waiting for Dan to come home.  

IMG 4493

Too cute.

Have a good one!   

What is your favorite way to add green to a meal.  I am going to need some ideas.  Approximately 120 of them.  Ha!

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  1. Love that you are ADDING something. Love the green idea, too. I follow another blogger who almost always buts her meals atop a bed of baby spinach. For me, spinach is good for everything - smoothies, wilted into pasta dishes and eggs, bases for salads... I'll be paying attention to green this month!


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