Monday, March 3, 2014

Iron Man March

Good Monday morning!

Do you hear those gulping and clicking sounds?  Please ignore them, they are just me chugging my coffee and typing furiously before my princess screams her beautiful head off.  In case you couldn’t tell, last night was another rough one.  Ina’s newest trick is to throw all of her blankets out of her crib and then scream incessantly, because how in the world could she sleep without any blankets?!??!

I really do love her so very much.  

Let’s change the subject to something more motivating - IronMan March.  

IMG 4428

One of my favorite bloggers Caitlin, who writes at Healthy Tipping Point, created this genius idea.  During the month of March, you swim, bike, and run the distance of an IronMan.

At first I thought this wouldn’t be a challenge at all.  I mean, some people do this in one day, so of course I could do it in one month, right?  Then I remembered that those people are what we call Ironmen/women and the only word to describe them is bada$$.  

As we are only 2 days into March, you could still start if you want to try it too!  I think it is the perfect way to motivate me to hop on a bike and jump in the pool to start tri training season.  

IMG 4453

Now I just need to decide which tri I am signing up for, and if I am going to run any half marathons this summer.  Minor details, really.  

A few pictures from yesterday:

4.5 miles on the treadmill while watching Glee

IMG 4475

I made these sweet potato salmon patties for lunch

IMG 4477

Me so excited that Dan brought me home some kale - I didn’t have any on Saturday and I was going through some type of kale withdrawal and spinach wasn’t doing the trick.

IMG 4484

Ina carrying the Trader Joe’s shopping bag around her neck - completely safe. 

IMG 4485

Have a good Monday!


  1. That's a cool idea (Ironman March). Totally do-able. Those people that do it in one day are CRAZY. I thought about maybe doing a half Ironman, but I need to get through this marathon first.

    And maybe this is weird, but your legs look fantastic in the picture of you and your beloved kale. :)

    1. I would love to do a half iron-man sometime in my life - probably when Ina is out of the house. Ha! And thank you about my legs - Dan captured just the perfect angle. Hahaha! Have a good one sweetie!

  2. Really like the idea of the Iron-Man March. I will have a closer look and see if I think I can do it. Some of the girls in my running club are challenging themselves to run 60k this month (I thought it was only 30k so I agreed...yikes!!). ;-)


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