Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I've Become that Girl...

I’ve become that girl who:

- Eats lots of vegetables for breakfast (green juice / smoothie - not for the faint of heart)

IMG 4884

- Has snot / milk / mysterious substances from her child’s mouth on her shirt and makes very little attempt to get it off.  

- Works out over lunch (another 11 miles down!  Have I told you how much I miss running?)

IMG 4886

- Microwaves fish at work (sorry co-workers)

IMG 4885

- Lets her daughter smack her in the face in front of many people and does absolutely nothing about it.  (I didn’t really know what to do, so I just said, “that wasn’t nice” and moved on.  She’s a feisty one, that Ina.)

- Lets the buzzer go off in her hand during Catch Phrase (seriously, never would have happened before I had Ina.  We had small group last night, but instead of the usual bible study, we had a break and played games.  So much fun!)

- Goes to bed at 9.  No wait, I’ve always been that girl.

Have a good done!

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