Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Kendricks (and our photo bombers)!

IMG 4809

Doing anything fun to celebrate?  I plan to wear something green.  Does that count?

Yesterday was a really good, relaxing Sunday.  

Church, then lunch with Dan’s dad, step-mom, sister, and her boyfriend.  It was our 3rd Mexican meal in a row, so I neglected to take a picture.  After lunch they came back to our house to chat / play with Ina.

IMG 4811

So fun.

IMG 4815

We also had a very brief visit from my sister and her kids while they were in town for a few minutes.  It was just enough time to make me realize how much I miss them.  

We made a simple dinner, gave Ina a bath, and said goodnight.  

IMG 4819

I meant to run 3 miles, but it just didn’t happen.  So, I am going to try to get that done first thing today.  

Have a great day!

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