Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

- This tikka masala recipe.  

IMG 4772

Want to try Indian food but too scared to go to an Indian restaurant? Try this, you won’t regret it (we added crushed red pepper because that is how we roll).  And then go to an Indian restaurant and bask in the glory of your newly changed life.  

- This iPhone case / wallet.  

Screen Shot 2014 03 14 at 6 45 40 AM

We are going to Vegas next week and I wanted a compact way to carry the bare necessities.  This is perfect, so cute, and you can even take pictures with your phone while it is still in the case!

- Oil pulling.  Yep, I jumped on the bandwagon and tried it this morning.  The 20 minutes went by surprisingly fast and my teeth seriously do look whiter.  The only downside was the Dan was annoyed by my swishing.  Ha!

- Our swing set.  

IMG 4769

Ina seriously loves the swing set that the previous owners of the house left. However, it has seen better days and needs some TLC.  See the ripped cover? 

IMG 4708

It needs painted or stained and maybe a few more parts.  I am also thinking about putting sand in the bottom but worried about the dogs poo-ing in it? I see a date with the guy at Home Depot in my future.

- The fact that you can get the Veronica Mars movie on demand TODAY, the same day that it comes out in theaters.  This is amazing, because once Dan and Ina go to bed at 9 I can pour myself a glass of vino enjoy the movie in the comfort of my pajamas.  

- Remix Gospel.  This blog is written by a local pastor and I subscribed to it about a week ago.  I really like reading it so far.  

This is it is for today.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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