Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Daniel Plan Detox Review

Good morning!  How was your Monday?

Mine was crazy busy.  After work I wanted to get a workout in, but things kept on stealing  my attention.  Ina wanted me.  Dinner needed to be made.  

IMG 4250

Dan wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (not a fan of green curry shrimp).  I had to work.  The dogs wanted out.  The dishes needed to be done.  

Finally at 8:00 I turned this video on.  

I am LOVING Gina’s new workout videos - short but super effective.   She is like a nicer and free Jillian Michaels.  I think it is great they are in video format, because there is no way I can keep track of 20 seconds while my heart is beating out of my chest.  

Last night is the perfect example of why I need to get my workout in during my morning, but time always seems to slip alway from me.  Another example - I spent 20 minutes today looking at different blueberry lemon paleo desserts.  Sigh.

On a slightly related topic, I wanted to give you guys a review of The Daniel Plan Detox.  This is different than the actual Daniel plan, which I will fully review in a few months, once I go through the small group study.  

However, to simplify the Daniel plan - eat real food.  Eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, low-fat dairy, and meats. Limit your sugar intake and always choose honey, maple syrup, etc. before refined white sugar.  

Try to build your meals to create a plate that looks like this:



The detox follows all the same guidelines as the actual plan with the addition of eliminating caffeine, alcohol, gluten of any kind (even oats), sugar of any kind (even honey), and dairy of any kind.  

The detox is designed to eliminate all foods that could cause inflammation. After it is over, you add one food group in at a time to see if it impacts you.  

So how was it?

I will start by saying the food part was relatively easy.  I had already given up gluten and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  The changes I made were to add more vegetables, cut out all the added sugar and the occasional piece of cheese.   I also ate a lot more fat than I normally do in forms of nuts, seeds, olive oil, and coconut oil. 

Really, I never actually felt deprived or hungry because of food, because I ate some awesome stuff.  Some of my favorite things I ate:

kale salad every.day.  (modified by not adding sugar and using no-sugar added dried cherries)

IMG 4198

Nooch popcorn - a great snack

almond meal chicken fingers

chicken and bean bake

IMG 4185

roast chicken

sweet potato breakfast scramble

IMG 4157

hummus with carrots

paleo chai latte

IMG 4188

My favorite veggies to add as a side were roasted brussel sprouts, steamed broccoli, and steamed asparagus (in the microwave!)

The caffeine was a completely different story.  This detox taught me that I am completely addicted to coffee.  The first two days I had a monster headache and hated the world.  

Even once the withdrawal went away, I still so missed my morning tradition of stumbling down the stairs and fumbling with the coffee maker until the good stuff dripped out.  I tried herbal tea, but it just wash’t the same, so I ended up making decaf coffee and not drinking it the last two days.  

I started drinking coffee again on Friday and I swear I accomplished more on that day than I did on the previous 7 combined.  

Now that my love story to coffee is over, I will say that in general I was a fan of the detox.  I feel great because I am giving my body what it wants - eating food that loves me back.

Since stopping, I have had a few cups of coffee, sips of wine, and a tad bit of dairy here and there (which didn’t seem to impact me).  I haven’t had any added sugar or gluten, but I imagine I will eventually just stay gluten free, like I was before, and try to eat by The Daniel Plan plate.  

One last thing - I am really trying not to focus on weight and instead focus on being healthy.  However, I suppose I should mention that I lost around 4-5 pounds during this week.  

Look for the review of the full plan in the next few months.

Have a great day!


  1. Great review. And real food, always the way to go. ;-)

  2. Have really been looking forward to this review as I had never heard of The Daniel Plan before. It sounds good and do-able, but like you I would struggle with the lack of coffee and sadly the husband would probably not be on-board ;-) I have been slacking on my fruit intake though so maybe I can work on that.

  3. I'm bringing your video tonight!

  4. Very interested in an update since it's been a year. I've just ordered my Daniel Plan resources and I'm anxious for inspiration!

    1. Hi Sharon! That is great news! The short update is that I still love it! I actually just started leading my second small group with this study, so an update would be a great idea for a post. I will get one posted in the next month. Thanks for stopping by!


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