Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Valentine's Day Edition

Today I am thankful that Ina isn’t old enough to know that her mom totally didn’t even think to make Valentine’s Day treats for her friends at daycare.  

IMG 4199

Like, the thought never crossed my mind.

IMG 4194

So while Ina was accepting gifts left and right, all she could give in return was a smile.  Poor girl.  (I am sure the delicious sugar cookie she ate made her feel better pretty quick.)

Today I am thankful that my 2 weeks ago self doubled the meatloaf recipe I was making, and threw half of it in the freezer.

IMG 4200

In a heart pan.  (Looking back, I have no idea how I could plan meatloaf ahead two weeks, but couldn’t buy a box of cards and sign Ina’s name.  Sigh.)

Coupled with the leftover chicken juice roasted potatoes, onions, and carrots, and a monster kale salad, dinner was served. 

Today I am thankful for new bloggers with new ideas.  Yesterday morning I made this paleo chai latte.  There is no added sugar, no milk, and it has TWO eggs in it!

IMG 4189

Protein and something hot to sip on?  Sold.  

Today I am thankful for vegetables that come in liquid form via my extra chunky green lemonade. 

IMG 4193

Bottoms up!

I am thankful for our non-freezing future forecast.  This girl is so ready for every single one of those 60-some degrees! I might wear my swimsuit outside!

I am also thankful for morning workouts.  I have been putting them off lately, so when I busted out 3 miles before the sun came up yesterday, I was a happy camper the rest of the day. 

I have a biometric screening early this morning at work, so I am off!

Have a good one. 

What are you thankful for?


  1. Im intrigued by the paleo chai tea! Gratitude - Today is a new day!

  2. G was the only kiddo at daycare without treats to share too! I had no idea that was a thing! lol


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