Friday, February 28, 2014

F is for Friday + February Stitch Fix

F is for Friday - Happy Friday!  Any big plans this weekend?  We are going to a princess party tomorrow and Ina has a tiara she has been saving for just such an occasion.  

F is for fish - I made a dinner for one last night, which was actually fun.  Ina went to a dinner with her papa and Dan had to work late, so I found myself unexpectedly home alone.  I made tomato tilapia (thanks Carrie and Amanda for the recipe suggestion!) and watched the Downton Abbey season finale.  It felt so weird to sit there with nothing that might demand my attention.  Ha!  

IMG 4408

F is for fashion.

I received a new Stitch Fix this week - full details here.

I really liked this one and absolutely can’t decide what to keep.

I also spent a good chunk of my alone time last night taking pictures of myself zwearing all the clothes using my tripod.  However, after spending 45 minutes this morning looking for my camera, I have decided that God is telling me that my awkward posing tripod pictures aren’t destined for the internet.  

IMG 4417

Let’s hash it out,  From the jeans and clockwise around:

-Adorra skinny jean ($88)- I really liked these.  However, I already have a pair of skinny jeans and I would like to lose about 10 more pounds, so they might be too big, but they might still fit.  Sigh. 

-Tribal print infinity scarf ($32): I loved this scarf and would be perfect for spring.  But $32 for a scarf?

-Thisbe color blocked open draped cardigan ($58): This cardigan is something I would wear once a week, however, I already have many similar pieces.  Also, it seems very wintery, and I want to transition to summer.

-Lucia embroidered V-neck jersey top ($58)- I thought this top was adorable out of the box, but it wasn’t all that flattering on.

-Cathleen split neck tulip sleeved blouse ($68): cut shirt.  Not $70 cute.  

Any advice?  

F is for fast workout.  I did this one over lunch yesterday at my work’s gym and it was a doozy.  My legs are hurting today.

F is for friendly advice.  Are you a woman looking to improve your marriage?  Read this article.  It might be tough to swallow, but it will work.  Trust me.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




  1. I have three infinity scarfs that I wear ALL the time! If you love the pattern, keep it! If you're not absolutely in love with the pattern, then you're right, you can get an infinity scarf elsewhere for less money (but not delivered to YOUR house!!).

    Have a great day! Dinner soon! Your fish looks delicious!!


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