Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Summer Racheal

Good morning!  Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday we had a glorious heat wave and a little break from the snow.  I took advantage of it by running Ina to daycare before work.

IMG 4254

After work and before small group Ina and I snuck off to the park.  

IMG 4295

It was amazing to feel the sun on my face and I could tell Ina loved it too, although her little eyeballs were squinting the entire time.  

IMG 4281

Note to self, next time, bring a hat.

IMG 4285

I could tell she had a great time by the hysterical fit she threw when I took her out of the swing.  

IMG 4259

Don’t look too close at those Nikes, or else you will see they are on the wrong feet.  I have said it once, but I will say it again, I really should be nominated for mom of the year.  


Yesterday’s near-70* temps had me dreaming of summer, so I thought I would write a little letter to my future summer-self.

Dear Summer Racheal,

Listen up, this is important.    

Go outside.  Stay outside.  Don’t go back inside until it is dark.  Even then, build a fire or turn on a strobe light or something.  

Plant a garden.  Don’t let one single tomato go bad.  Even if you can’t eat all of them, someone will be able to.  If you can’t find anyone, can the darn things.  

Play frisbee with Dan.  It honestly is one of his favorite things to do and you never do it enough.

Go to the farmer’s market.  Run there, take the wagon, whatever, just go.  Introduce Ina to the farmers and start to teach her where food comes from.  

Go to Royals games.  Who cares if you have to go to work the next day?  Ina can sleep on the way home.   

Go to the zoo.  Teach Ina about the animals and what noises they make.  

Go to the pool.  Teach Ina how to swim, or at least help her build the courage to put her head under water.  

Use the grill.  Go camping.  Use the boat.  Run outside.  Plant flowers.  Water the flowers you planted.  Go to the park.  

Work outside.  Blog outside.  Drink your coffee outside.  Just stay outside.  

Most importantly, when you walk outside and feel the heat from the sun kiss your face and squint your eyes, don’t you dare for one second take it for granted, because in 6 months you will be longing for that feeling.  


Winter Racheal


Dream with me?  What are you looking forward to most about summer?


  1. I love this! And agree with them all!! Great ideas!!! I say each winter that we will plant a garden in the spring.... and 10 years later.. i still have not had a garden in my backyard! Ugh!

  2. We can't have a garden due to the homeowner's association rules (I think). Plus, we rent. So, we will take your garden leftovers.

  3. I look forward to my garden, the sunshine, being lighter later, being outside, camping, grilling, green, swimming

  4. I ran outside yesterday too, beautiful in Lincoln, NE!! Tomorrow....snow storm, boo hiss.

  5. Oh gosh, I am so jealous of your weather! I love your summer list :)

  6. I feel the same way! Every winter I say all the things I'll do during the summer and then I let summer fly by. I can't wait for gardening, camping, Royals games, farmer's markets, running without a bunch of layers and extra daylight!

  7. Oh wow. I may steal this topic I love it so much. SO jealous you had 61-degree weather!


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