Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Being Snowed In Means...

-Quiet mornings

IMG 4064

-Followed by frantic meetings when I desperately need to take my phone off mute for 1 minute and Ina won’t stop saying, “Hey!” to the people talking on the phone.

-Lots of trips up and down the stairs.

IMG 4079

-Extra time for extra veggies 

IMG 4078

- Indoor workouts (video here.-- short and effective.  If you are stuck inside today, give it a try.)

IMG 4080

The reverse squat jumps sent Ina into a giggle fit every single time.  The rest of the time she was upset that I was doing something else besides holding her.

- No small group.  Boo!  However, Dan and I did read the first 4 chapters of Acts before dinner.

IMG 4082

Those verses always give me goosebumps. 

- Last minute dinner - dirty rice (<— a recipe I would make again!) with mixed veggies

IMG 4094

- Extra long playtime before bedtime

IMG 4093

- Two episodes of Veronica Mars (sans Doritos and one year old candy!)

It looks like we are stuck inside again today.  I am off to get as much work done as possible before Little Miss wakes up.  Have a good one!


  1. I miss snow days! I keep waiting for the snow to come to us over here in the UK but it has just been cold and rainy :-) Enjoy the extra time with your family and playing in the snow!

  2. There is no such thing as snow days when you have a laptop! Sometimes technology ruins things. Hope you're keeping warm and getting extra cuddles. =)


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