Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Ina Kisses

A few weeks ago on Sunday morning before church, Ina and I were taking a shower.  

I had just washed her hair and was holding her under the water.  

She seemed so big and brave, letting the water stream over her head.  She looked so cute with a few soap bubbles sitting on her eyebrows.  Her big blue eyes were framed by wet, dark eyelashes.  

Looking at her I was overwhelmed with how thankful I was for her.  So I closed my eyes and and thanked God for this amazing gift He has given me.  It wasn't a simple thank you.  I tried with all my might to send a thank-you-wave (similar to a microwave or radio wave).  

Then I prayed for guidance on raising her, on following the right path, on giving her everything she deserves.  

A few seconds later, when I opened my eyes, Ina was staring at me, with a loving / questioning look in her eyes.  Then she leaned forward, and kissed me right on the lips.  

Previously, after a lot of begging, Ina has let me kiss her before, but this was the first time she kissed me, initiating it herself. 

I honestly cannot think of a sweeter moment in my entire life.  

Now she offers kisses a little more frequently, but they are mostly to her dolls and stuffed animals.  

IMG 3707

(That puppy doesn't know how lucky he is).  

So, today I am thankful for Ina kisses.  

What are you thankful for?


  1. Love that story. Aren't those kind of kisses the best? I know a lot of people hate dog kisses, but my Sophie Jean's are the best in the world. And sometimes, she'll just give a quick kiss on the hand as if to say, "Thank you." My husband and I often talk how we miss our Benny Bear's kisses, too. We've found that each dog has his own way of showing affection with kisses.

    Did I just gross everyone out?! ;-) In any case, I'm grateful for puppy kisses.

    And now that I reflect on it, I am grateful for my nephew's kisses because I only see him a few times a year. He is six now and who knows how long it'll be for it won't be cool to give his aunt kisses anymore!

  2. Wow! That was a tear jerker!! You will have those moments periodically throughout her life where you are just in AWE that this child was gifted to you!! My "baby" is 22 and I STILL have them. Sometimes, I'm just speechless when I look at him and how blessed i am to be his mother!


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