Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Play Date


It's Monday already?


Yesterday was such a good day that I am not ready for the weekend to be over. 

It started off with a 6 mile run while watching Veronica Mars (a cute show!).

IMG 3734

Then church - always awesome.  

IMG 3738

Then a playdate!

IMG 3739

We met my sister and our friend Aubrey and their beautiful babies at the park yesterday.

IMG 3798

It was so nice outside.

IMG 3750

I had a blast seeing Ina be independent and play with the other kids.  

IMG 3783

Although, she really didn't understand the concept of going up the stairs and down the slides - she kept on trying to do the opposite.  Poor kid is going to need some assistance playing Chutes and Ladders.  

IMG 3776

I am so thankful for this beautiful weather - one more weekend cooped up inside and I think I would have gone crazy.  

IMG 3787

Although the park was fun, last night was rough.  Poor Ina had a tummy ache and just couldn't get comfortable.  I was up until around 1 trying to rock her, rub her belly, and comfort her, and then Dan took the next shift.  She is sleeping right now, so I hope she feels better today.  

IMG 3799

Last night was the first time in a long time I didn't get much sleep and was a great reminder that I am in no way ready for another newborn. 

With that, I will wish you a good week!


  1. I LOVE that last picture of her in this post! Looks like it is right out of a magazine!

  2. You could always have a second baby like mine who sleeps like a champ from day one ;) ... Really though, Owen was not a good sleeper (still is not), so I know how you feel. I was really dreading that part of the newborn phase again and was very pleasantly surprised and grateful ... not expecting to get that lucky again this time around! ;)

    1. Very true! I never really thought about that. Here's hoping. Ha!

  3. Envious of your nice weather. Cold and snowy here.


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