Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stovetop Coconut Oil Kettle Corn

Did you know that popcorn can be popped on the stove?

You probably did know that, but I didn’t.  I thought either a microwave or some type of fancy popping contraption were required.  

I was going to order said contraption, but I remembered I need another kitchen gadget like I need a hole in my head, so I stopped myself.  

When I discovered this I started asking people if they knew, and my response was usually, “um, yes, of course I knew,” or, “duh."

Well, I didn’t know, and maybe my first 29 years have failed me, but I am not going to live in the dark any longer.  So, during my trip to Sprouts last week, I picked up some coconut oil and popping corn in the bulk bins (less than $2 per pound).


IMG 3960


IMG 3961


Here is what I did (adapted from Simply Recipes):

Ingredients: 1 T coconut oil; 1/4 C popping corn; 1-2 T sugar; 1/2 t salt

  • Melt 1 tablespoon of coconut oil on medium-high heat in a good sized pot with a lid
  • Add 3 kernels and cover
  • Once the 3 kernels pop, add the rest of the popcorn in a single layer, cover, and remove from heat for 30 seconds
  • Return pan to heat.  As the popcorn is popping slide pan back and forth over burner to prevent sticking.  Once there is 2-3 seconds without popping, remove from heat.
  • Pour popcorn into bowl and shake with sugar and salt.  
  • Watch Downton Abby while consuming popcorn

Try at your own risk.  Having the ability to make this deliciousness in less than 3 minutes every night is going to be VERY dangerous.  

Other thoughts:

- I didn’t run yesterday because my legs were sore from the race.  Well, my legs are more sore today, so that excuse isn’t going to work much longer.

- Ina has a sense of humor at such a young age.

IMG 3950

Get it?

-Breakfast yesterday was toasted life changing bread with honey goat cheese and blackberries 

IMG 3959

- My friend / neighbor Kim asked me if I wanted to run a marathon in October.  MARATHON!?!?!? I mostly do not want to, but, I kind of want to.  

Have a good day!


  1. Oh my! That popcorn will make my husband HAPPY. I think I may try it tonight. (Although we watched Downton on DVR last night... ;-) )

    I bought a 15lb jug of popcorn at Costco about a year ago... still going! I usually make my popcorn in the microwave. 3-4Tbsp corn in a lunch bag for about 2 minutes. Then add whatever toppings you desire.

    Lastly - go for the Marathon! Because YOU CAN! ;-)

  2. Funny about the popcorn!
    I'm running my first half marathon this spring and it is sorta frightening, but in a good way!! So go for it!

  3. My roommate after college always made popcorn on the stove. For a long time after that I wasn't able to eat microwave popcorn. It's sooo good made on the stove. You can totally run a marathon.


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