Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Favorite Ways to Eat Quinoa

Good morning!

The other day one of my facebook friends said she had just bought quinoa and asked if anyone had any suggestions for how to use it.

It was difficult for me to keep my response comment to less than 10 sentences.  

Anyone surprised?

So, I thought I would create a little round-up of my favorite quinoa recipes.

Side note: Every time I think of quinoa now, I think of this commercial and crack up laughing.

Consequently, every time I make quinoa Dan either says, "It tastes like a dirty ol' tree branch," or "What is that, a loofa?"

Good times.

End side note.   

First off, here is a great tutorial on how to cook quinoa.  However, I always cook it in my rice cooker in the exact same way I would cook rice.  Easy peasy.

- I often use quinoa in place of rice - add a little soy sauce and sriracha and you have a tasty and filling side dish

- it can be made sweet.  Yesterday I made these breakfast quinoa bars yesterday - so good.  I also want to try this granola recipe.

IMG 3815

- This quinoa mac and cheese is one of my favorites - I usually add cooked chicken and shredded zucchini 

- Sometimes I can convince Dan to mix things up and make this quinoa fried rice (he usually likes the real deal)

- Quinoa salads are always good - I really liked this Mediterranean one

- Use it as a stuffing - like in this stuffed squash recipe - one of my summer faves.  I also want to try this meatball recipe.

That's about all I have - anyone else have any suggestions?  As you know, I love trying new recipes.

Have a great hump day.   


  1. Oh my gosh that commercial is the BEST. SO FUNNY.

    I love quinoa too! I don't make it enough because i've always bought the kind that had to be rised first and all the little quinoa nuggets would fall through my strainer. #firstworldproblems

    I need to try me some sweet quinoa! :) Have a great Wednesday!

    1. You should try sweet quinoa! I don't rinse mine - maybe I should? I forgot to mention that this quinoa cake is pretty good too -

  2. I like to keep some in the fridge that I have previously cooked in Chicken Broth. I use it for salads, add it to soups, and lately….I cooked up some onions and diced sweet potatoes, added a little cooked quinoa and scrambled eggs for a great big yummy breakfast!

    1. Great idea - I forgot about cooking savory quinoa in chicken broth! I used to do that too. Sometimes I think I am losing my mind!

  3. I love that commercial! It never gets old. I laugh every time.

    I made quinoa once and found it to be so messy! I got hung up on the rinsing part. Got any tips and tricks for that? #amitheonlyone

    I'd really like to make it more because now that my husband is pretty much low-carb (unless we go out), I'd like to add something like this... and with all of those quinoa recipes out there... would love to try them. It's the first experience that turned me off!

    1. Sorry! Just clicked on the tutorial. Looks like I need a fine mesh strainer... ;-)

    2. Carrie - I don't rinse mine. Hmmm, maybe that is why Dan thinks it tastes like a dirty ol' tree branch. Hahaha.

    3. LOL! I wonder why they always say it needs to be rinsed? It must not be that important if you think it still tastes good! Thanks.


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