Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family Racing

Last night when I got home from work, I had a headache.  Even my eyeballs and my teeth hurt.  

So, I took some ibuprofen, chugged some water, ate some sugar (fruit snacks to the rescue), and then conned Dan into going on a walk with me.  

He was thrilled.

IMG 3683

I am pretty sure that stroller wasn't made to pop wheelies, but Ina seemed to enjoy it.  

We had a great time and even had a little friendly competition.

Of course, Ina won the race.  Ha!

Afterwards, all we had to do was boil some water, add some noodles, chop some broccoli, and dinner was ready in a flash.

IMG 3687

Looking for an easy crockpot recipe?  This 5 ingredient pasta sauce can't be beat.

Ina was a fan.  

IMG 3694

You should have seen the spaghetti noodles floating around in her bath water.  

Our alarm went off at 2:45 this morning - Dan's job is early!  I am not complaining and am very thankful for his employment, but with small group tonight, today is going to be a loooonnnnggg day.  

Hope your's is great!

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