Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Ate a Spinach Muffin and I Liked It

You guys.

I am about to tell you about something that will blow your mind.

A sweet, spinach, microwave, gluten free muffin!  I had never heard of such a thing, so the instant I did, I immediately tried it, at 4:30 am.  


It almost represents every food group - protein, veggies, fruit, grain, and a little bit of milk!

I know you couldn't already know about it, or else you would have told me, right?

This was so important that I revved up the blender when Ina was sleeping.  Now do you get it?

It was so good that I was sad I put almond butter on it, because it took away the flavor.  (What?)

It was so good that yesterday I made another one with blueberries in it for my afternoon snack.  


To make it, I sort of combined this recipe and this recipe.  Once I experiment with a few more ingredients, I will post my version for you guys.  

Regardless, you must try it now!  

I always feel like I am going to rock my day when I have a few handfuls of spinach for breakfast.  Am I the only one?  

Yesterday after this muffin I did a Ripped in 30 video I found online because I lost the DVD.

Image 1

Then after my second muffin I ran to Danielle's house to get Ina and ran back.  

Two workouts in one day on the same day I ate two spinach muffins.  

Coincidence?  I think not.

Have a good one!

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