Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites: Potty Training Ina?

Good morning and Happy Friday!  Here are a few favorites to get us kicked off for the weekend:

- Starting Ina potty training.

Dan randomly brought her potty from storage to the living room last night after she was showing signs she might need to use it. After he took her diaper off, she sat down.  And used it.  

IMG 3722

Dan was so proud.   I was more proud of myself for taking a picture in time than I was of Ina using the potty.  Ha!  I am in no hurry to potty train her, but this is something that is really important to Dan, so I suppose we will try it.  

-Simple Start. I finally went back to Weight Watchers.  I hadn't been since before Thanksgiving - some of the members even thought I was pregnant due to my long absence.  Yikes.  

I have been "following" the Simply Filling Plan (<--my review), but listening to the meeting reminded me of all the snacks that had crept into my diet that weren't power foods, which would be fine, but I wasn't tracking them, which was not fine.  

Here is an example of my simply filling day:


Not pictured - snacks throughout the day of broccoli,  an apple, and a green smoothie. The only things that I needed to count points on were the ranch dressing I used to mix with the sriracha for dinner and the PB2 I blended into my banana ice cream.  

Pretty easy, right?

- This customizable HIIT treadmill workout.  I completed it yesterday, after adding a few more intervals to stretch it out to 30 minutes, and I was dripping in sweat!  I really don't like sprinting when I am doing it, but afterwards I am always thankful.  I kind of want to get a heart rate monitor so I can see how high my HR gets.  

-These Thirty-one bags / organizers my sister-in-law sent me and Ina.

Image 2

Aren't they adorable?!?  She also sent a catalogue and I am making a wish list.  I have my eye on another lunch tote (I seemed to have lost the one I had) and maybe the car organizer.  So many choices!

-This dad and his sandwich bag drawings - I wish I could draw like that!  Poor Ina is going to have to accept stick figures. 

I think that is all I have for today.  Have a great weekend!

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