Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Things Friday-Random

Good morning!  

Want to join me in the Friday dance?  It looks very similar to Ina's nakie dance, except I have clothes on.   

Yesterday I worked from home while watching Ina, which meant I was singing Old McDonald while answering emails and busted out more work in her 3 hour nap than I thought possible.  

We had momma-baby smoothies

IMG 3621

and she fed me blueberries for a snack.  

Last night when Dan was putting her to sleep, he put himself to sleep instead.  I walked into the living room and saw this and had to capture a picture.  

IMG 3629

He tried, right?

Ready for five of the most random lists?  

Five TV shows I am watching right now: 

  1. Homeland - duh
  2. Downton Abbey- just watched the season premiere and wondering where this season is going
  3. Parenthood- the best show on TV
  4. Revenge- my life needs some drama
  5. The Big Bang Theory- Dan and I watch this together when we are in the mood for something light

Five books I want to read:

  1. Allegiant - the last book in the Divergent series.  The movie comes out in March and I want to get "my picture" of the characters finished before I see it.
  2. The Silver Lining's Playbook
  3. Grain Brain
  4. In Defense of Food
  5. Wild

Five things I want to do this weekend:

  1. Paint my nails - the good news is that if I wait long enough I might not have to use polish remover
  2. Organize my junk drawers (yep, still haven't started.  But I have started thinking about it, does that count?)
  3. Get a long run in - thinking of signing up for a half in the spring
  4. Exchange some Christmas presents that didn't fit
  5. Create a movie montage of Ina's first year (is 13.5 months old too late to start that?)

Five things I am looking forward to in the next five months:

  1. February: Valentine's Day 
  2. March: March Madness Las Vegas trip
  3. April: Baseball season starting and Easter (I think it is time for the first annual Kendrick Easter Egg hunt, don't you?)
  4. May: Family trip to San Diego (zoo, Sea World, DisneyLand - Ina won't know what hit her)
  5. June: 6 year wedding anniversary - I am planning something fun for Dan, I hope it works out
Five things I want to do to "clean" up my life
  1. Make my own ranch dressing mix
  2. Start making my own coffee creamer again
  3. Drink more water - a constant struggle in the winter - yesterday I had exactly zero ounces and relied soley on coffee and tea
  4. Buy new furniture - after watching this documentary Dan and I likely be sitting on lawn furntiure for a few months.  Ha!
  5. Order primal pit paste?  
I think that is enough randomness for today.  
Have a wonderful weekend!  What are your five things?



  1. My husband and I are going to Las Vegas for March Madness too!! We are beyond excited :-).

  2. We are going to Disneyland and San Diego this year too!! We're going in July though! You will have to give us the scoop when you get back! :)



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