Monday, January 6, 2014

Disciplining Ina

Ina has started a bad habit.

It began innocent enough.  Her molars are coming in, making some things hard to chew.

So instead of chewing them, she threw them from her tray to the floor.  It was cute at first, and I would try not to giggle when she was feeding the dogs her dinner.  

She started with meat, but now it is vegetables too.  And obviously her teeth aren't hurting her anymore, because she downs those animal crackers just fine.  

I had to take a stand.

No one, not even Ina, messes with my vegetables.

So, yesterday when she threw her carrot on the floor, I gave her a stern look and said, "Ina, we don't do that.  Carrots go in your mouth." 

She gave me a stern look and threw another carrot on the floor. 

I had to do something.  She obviously knew she was defying me.  

So, I gave her hand a little swat.  

I am not proud of what happened next.

First her lip stuck out in a cash-register type pout - one that I had never seen before.

Then, she looked at me to make sure I meant to do it.

When she saw my upset face she quickly looked away.

Next she started breathing heavily, obviously trying not to cry.  

Then the tears came.  They didn't fall down her face, worse, they welled in her eyes.

The next time she she looked up at me with that lip pouted out and those eyes full of tears trying not to fall down her face, my heart shattered.

I was crying more than her.  I couldn't help it.  I pulled her from her chair, hugged her and apologized to her 20 times while telling her I love her.

I am a mess.  This was a test and I failed miserably.  

I need to learn to discipline my child before she learns it is that hard on me.  

Bring on the parenting books.  

Any advice?


  1. I think Ina will benefit from it in the long run. It's only carrots on the floor now...but she will continue to test you. Be consistant....always follow up with hugging her and telling her you love her. BUT, it is YOU I am worried about. :) No advice there....:)

  2. Get 'love and logic'. Best parenting advice ever. From toddler to teens. Your library probably has a copy. Gret ways to,discipline without getting mad at your child.

  3. The Bible has great parenting advice! When we follow it, our child is amazing. When we get lazy and away from it, he is a 5 year old nightmare. That being said, even when he is a nightmare I still love him and would do anything for him! Except give him his way!


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