Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend of Parties + My Weekly Food and Fitness Plan #16

Good morning!

Ina and I slept in this morning.  She is eating Cheerios.  I am drinking coffee.

Any spelling or grammatical errors can be blamed on her.  

This weekend was very different that ususal for Dan and I.  Both Friday and Saturday night we did something that required us to not be in our PJs by 7:30. 

IMG 3255

It was fun.

IMG 3256

Friday night we went to my part time job's Christmas party.  

IMG 3262

Good times were had by all.

IMG 3266

Last night we went to murder mystery dinner / anniversary party.

Dan was the controlling older brother of the groom and I was the trashy, gold digger mother of the groom.  Dan bought my dress at a thrift store, and I teased my hair as high as I could get it.  

IMG 3283

It was so fun, but so hard to stay in character.  Except when I was playing the part of Dan's mom, which surprisingly, sounds a lot like what I say as his wife.  Hmmm, maybe I should work on that?

IMG 3291

Even more fun, Dan ended up being the murderer!  

IMG 3294


Dan's parents stayed at our house all weekend, so we had built in daycare, which was really nice.  

We tried to take Ina to see Santa yesterday, but it wasn't in the cards.  We are hoping for a visit later this week.  


  • Sunday: Dan is going to make chicken and noodles
  • Monday: salmon cakes with roasted green beans
  • Tuesday: small group - meal provided
  • Wednesday: crock pot pork carnitas
  • Thursday: Sunday night beef stew with slightly less rich ingredients for the potatoes part
  • Friday: leftovers / out to eat
  • Saturday: leftovers / out to eat


  • Sunday: If all the stars align I may get in an afternoon run, if not I will do squats while wrapping presents
  • Monday: 4 mile treadmill run
  • Tuesday: spin class
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: sprints
  • Friday: 4 mile treadmill run
  • Saturday: rest
Running with Racheal
What are you up to this week?


  1. I love it when the babe lets us sleep in. So lovely. I didn't realize you had a second job. What is it?
    How funny that Dan was the murderer!

    1. So nice! My full time job is in drug research (I am a pharmacokineticist) and then for my part time job, I call people to talk to them about their medicine and solve any problems they may have (I am also a pharmacist.) :)


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