Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday - New Aunt Addition

Today I have something very tiny to be thankful for:

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My nephew Jacob Scott was born yesterday!

IMG 3234

We thought my sister-in-law was having the baby on Thursday, but were surprised a day early.  

IMG 3239

By now I am an excellent cry/pout translator, and he is saying, "I love you Aunt Ray Ray."

I tried to get Ina interested in Baby Jake, but she was much more interested in the machines that beeped and had cords running out of them, and then she wanted my phone I was using to take pictures, and then she wanted the poptart my mom  bought her cousins.  

Welcome to this crazy world Baby Jake. You can't imagine the amount of love that people already have for you. 

Today I am also thankful for:

- Our small group. You can pretty much count on them being here every week, but every week I am more and more thankful for these amazing people that are in my life.  It is like God hand picked each of them for me.  

- My coat and Ina's coat to keep us warn on these coooollld days.  Although when I was hauling her and her diaper bag all over that hospital last night I could have done without the slippery coats.

IMG 3227

- Christmas lights.  We don't put any lights outside our house.  Let's be honest, I am lucky to get a cookie baked and gifts wrapped and under the tree before Christmas Eve.  However, someone in our neighborhood went all out this year.  I sat at the stoplight and watched the lights flash on and off for a good minute.

- Food.  Of course, I am always thankful for food, but because I recently weened Ina, there are times when I find myself in a temporary panic over her not getting enough nutrition.  But, after a few seconds I calm myself down and go cut up a sweet potato.  I am beyond thankful to have nutritious food readily available and cannot imagine what moms who cannot  provide that for the children go through.  

-The internet.  Making all my Christmas presents would be much more difficult without Pinterest, Google, and Amazon. (Why yes, I do need that hole punch.  You can get it to me in two days?  Excellent.)

What are you thankful for?


  1. Congrats!!!! What a cutie. I am so thankful for Jesus our Lord, the reason for the season!! All our loved ones and jobs...And amazon oh i have been loving it this year..


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