Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Christmas Edition

Good morning!

I certainly have many things to be thankful for this Christmas.

- Having the ability to see my family around the holidays.  

IMG 1827

I work with so many people who are from different countries and their families are oceans away.  As I am enjoying time with my family, I need to remember how much of a luxury that time actually is.  

IMG 1813

- How comfortable and happy I am in my role as a mom.  When I look back at last Christmas I remember being a complete ball of stress over Ina and her health.  

IMG 1828

Like most new moms, I was checking Ina's breathing and her temperature about every 5 minutes and had to constantly be talked out of going to the ER.  I doubted myself over every decision I made.  

IMG 1808

(How cute! How tiny!)

This year I am much more confident in myself and in Ina and I hope to be able to enjoy this holiday with her and the rest of our family.  

- Jesus.  

IMG 3360

Of course I am thankful everyday for Jesus being born.  However, specifically today, I am thankful for the Christmas story.  To be able to learn it, know it, and teach it to Ina. 

IMG 3272

Right now she really likes to kiss Baby Jesus, and next year I will teach her more.  

IMG 3275

(FYI - I started a YouVersion Christmas Story reading plan and love it.  It suggests bible verses to read surrounding a certain topic and has you read a few everyday.  You can get the app on your phone, tablet, or just use your computer. This specific plan is 5 days if you want to join me!  There is also an entire social networking aspect that I haven't started yet.)

- Ina's Christmas art.

IMG 3336

Of course it is actually Danielle's art, but either way, every time I look at the fridge I smile (and not because I know there is egg nog inside).  

IMG 3357

An update on Ina and daycare - she absolutely loves it at Danielle's house.  The second she sees the house she starts smiling and reaches for Danielle every morning.  She has even cried a few times when we leave.  

Having the peace of mind that surrounds my child being at a daycare where she is safe and happy is definitely something to be thankful for!

What are you thankful for?  

I hope you have an amazing Thursday.  The weekend is almost here!


  1. Mistletoes! How adorable. I can't believe that this time next week, Christmas will be come and gone! I am grateful that we can travel to see my family and spend some time with them. I'm grateful that I've come to learn how to embrace these moments rather than be stressful over them.

    Merry Christmas, Racheal!

  2. Look at Ina's crafty handiwork- the kid's a genius! :)

    Hope you, Dan, and the rest of the fam are having a happy holiday season! Merry Christmas!



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