Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sore Calves and Other Life Updates

Good morning!

This post is going to be short and sweet because this momma slept in.  Staying awake past 10 PM for two nights in a row has left me awfully tired.  

Also this circuit workout on Monday

IMG 3222

+ spin class on Tuesday has left my calves more sore than they have been in years.  I didn't know my calves could get sore anymore - I thought running made me immune.  Guess not, because stairs are my current enemy.  

- Remember when I told you that Ina was fine with me weening her?  Well, now she isn't.  The past two mornings she has woke up screaming at me.  It isn't just crying, it is screaming, and I swear she is saying,

"What where you thinking?!?  Give me some milk!  No, I don't want that stupid sippy cup!  Did you forget?  Come on, Mom!"

IMG 3230

Although I don't like for her to yell at me, it does give me an extra reason to hold her in the morning, even if she is squirmy and mad.  

- Yesterday I was in my typical mad rush to get out the door, holding Ina and searching for my phone.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  Finally Dan called it and the ring was right next to me.  In my pockets?  No.  Ina was holding it.  Sheesh.

- I visited my boyfriend yesterday.  It had been so long.  He had so many new things to show me, but I really didn't have time.  I just needed 2 pounds of hamburger and out the door I went.  

- I made these cookies for small group yesterday.  Gluten free (but definitely not sugar free), 4 ingredients.  Can't beat it.

- I have lots of things to look forward to this week:

  • My full-time job is having a Christmas lunch today with a holiday drawing.  Yay!
  • My part-time job's Christmas party is Friday night
  • Saturday we are going to a murder mystery dinner, which I have never been to before.

 What are you up to?  Looking forward to anything?


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  1. FYI - Your boyfriend makes the best English Toffee. We get it for gifts every year! It's always a hit. ;-)


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