Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sick Baby. Again.

Ina is sick.


But this time, she is big-girl-sick.  No more only sniffles, coughs, ear infections, or fevers.

Well we have that, but we also have lots of stuff coming out of both ends.

Yesterday morning I went to get her out of her crib and the smell of her room almost knocked me over.  Poor girl had been sleeping in it.

After a few more episodes in the morning, she seemed to perk up a little but pretty much slept on either Dan's or my chest all day long.  

Then night came.  And her fever came.  And more vomit came.  

Dan and I took turns consoling her most of the night.

I just thank God she is drinking water.  More like chugging.

Having a sick baby is hard.  I want to make her feel better but I don't exactly know how.  I try to make her laugh by playing peek-a-boo, but after a few giggles her head falls back to my chest with exhaustion.  Her eyes look up at me and I swear they are asking, "What is wrong with me?  Why can't you make this better?"

I am praying for this to be more of a 24 hour bug than a 48 hour bug.  

Here's to less coming out of both ends today.  


  1. oh no! thinking of a sick lil Ina makes me sad! hope she feels better soon :)

  2. oh no!! will be praying for sweet little Ina!!


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