Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Christmas Food and Fitness Plan #17

Good morning!

I woke up to a Winter Wonderland here in Kansas City.  

IMG 3418

It looks like after I publish this post I will have a little date with my treadmill. 

This weekend has been amazing so far, and it is only Sunday morning.

Friday night I met up with a few of my friends from pharmacy school.

IMG 3402

We are so cool.

IMG 3403

Then, Ina and I drove down to my grandma's house where we hunkered down all of Saturday and did very serious things like eat chocolate chip pancakes, 

IMG 3407

have tea parties,

IMG 3414

and play cards.

Last night Ina and I drove back home for the rare chance to see my friend Sarah who is in town from North Carolina (remember when I visited her?).  Unfortunately I was so busy catching up that I didn't take any pictures, but I have plenty of mental ones.

I would be seriously kidding myself if I set an actual plan for this week as far as food and workouts go.  However, I can set a few "goals."


  • Eat at least one fruit or veggie with every meal
  • Drink water like I just hiked through a desert and found a lifetime supply of Evian
  • Try to be as intuitive in my eating as possible


IMG 3416

  • Bring the Jillian Michaels DVD to grandma's
  • If nothing else, do the 7 minute workout (I LOVE this app!)
  • Chase kids up and down the stairs and do baby curls, squats, jumps, and lunges <--- a very effective workout
Running with Racheal

What about you?  Any plans to have a good Christmas week?

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