Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Prevent Being a Mad Holiday Mom?

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

This post might be a little heavy for Monday morning, but it is what's on my mind.  

Saturday, I was throwing a 4-year-old type fit because Ina couldn't see Santa.  Seriously she was fine, but I was boiling mad because we drove 30 minutes just to see him and we didn't get there in time.  I made time that I didn't have to do this, and now, not only did we not get a picture, but we wasted 3 hours.   Dan looked at me and said, 

See, Racheal, this is why I don't like the holidays.  You are stressed out the entire time and nothing is fun.


Well, that really stinks, because fun is exactly what I was going for.  

And I completely missed the mark.  

In Dan's defense, I understand what he is saying.  On the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas I am a living, breathing checklist.  There are so many things to do, and so little time to do them in.  Ina's first birthday party was the weekend after Thanksgiving, so this season started out on an even more high strung note.

I tried to decrease the stress, I really did.

I minimally decorated our house - I put on a 2 hour timer and when that went off I had to live with what was up.

I attempted to decrease the financial stress around the holidays by making our presents, but quickly found that trying to make 30 different  presents only increases stress.  

I nixed cookie baking myself, and instead did a group cookie exchange.  

But, there are still 30 presents to wrap.  Still Christmas cards to address and send out.  Still memories I want to make with Ina, one of which was seeing her on Santa's lap.  

What I don't want is for Ina to grow up with the memory of a mom who is always mad around the holidays.  I don't want Dan to dread the holidays because he has to "deal with me" for a month.  

So, I have to fix it now.  But how?

I suppose I need to expect less, have less to do.  However, I feel like I did that to the best of my ability already.  It isn't like I want to do lots of extras - I just want the basics - tree, presents, cards, picture with Santa.  

I am positive I am not alone here.  Any advice?  

I want to end this by saying that I understand this is a very petty problem to have and in comparison to others', really isn't a problem at all. 


  1. This doesn't answer everything, but I have a friend who sends out her Holiday cards AFTER Christmas. It's a Happy New Year card. It might be too late for this, but even if it is a Christmas card, everyone will understand if they receive it after Christmas, and if they don't, they should. :) I would be more than happy to come over and help you wrap. Seriously. Ask for help. If not me, ask someone. No need to do it all yourself. And Ina and Santa? I think my daughter's first Santa picture, she is just crying and it was awful. Maybe next year is better? Don't beat yourself up if a Santa picture just doesn't happen this year. Hugs to you and Dan and Ina. Let me know if I can help wrap!!!

  2. If you follow FLY lady ( , she has you doing most of Christmas in November! So you can take a three month cruise in December! .. Check it out, its brilliant.

  3. My husband used to say the same things to me. But he also complained if I started talking trees before Thanksgiving. This year, he let me start a full week ahead of the turkey and we have all been happier. Next year, I seriously plan to start shopping right after Halloween. It feels great to get ahead and then actually live in the moment.


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