Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dan Guest Post


So, I asked Dan to write a guest post about his first year of being a dad.  Well, apparently he heard, "guest post," but didn't hear the whole "dad" thing and instead wrote about me and this blog.  

It was so sweet that I decided to post it anyways.  

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Dan Kendrick:

IMG 3193

hello  world wide web, and readers of running with racheal, i am the other half. i am the wonderfully lucky guy who gets to spend every day with racheal and thanks to God, ina. with the incredible opportunity to score some mega brownie points. this blog thing, started off as a hobby but i knew quickly was going to be a bigger deal. when things like margaritas, running pants, shirts, shoes, health things started to show up in the mail i knew then just how big of a deal my wife really is. 

i have known Racheal almost as long as i have not, and anyone who has ever had the pleasure to meet her will agree that she brightens the room when she walks in. she always has a smile on her face and that has thankfully translated to our daughter. they both are the perfect way to start and end every day. without them both i would be lost.

Racheal has always been dedicated to her home, her family, her church,and all of you that read everyday, Racheal inspires me everyday to be better. she's loyal,kind,and loving. by now you can probably tell i'm trying to pile it on pretty thick, but  i definitely mean every word i say. she has stood by me through thick and thin, and has been an unbelievably good mother to my daughter. i definitely married up.

running for racheal has been a therapy really since her freshman year of college. there have been multiple times where i have kicked her out of the house to go for a run, because she just gets weird. it helps clear her mind as im sure it does for most of you. i on the other hand am not really made for running.........fake hip and all. so i make sure i know how far and how long she is going so i know when to start looking. remember babe, DONT TALK TO STRANGERS!

we have met life long friends (yep you) through this blog and im sure there are more to come.it has been interesting sharing my life with you through this medium. if you have ever met me you probably (think im crazy and don't particularly care for my sideburns) know that i really don't do the whole computer thing. im not really a tweeter, and have never typed in Facebook.com(except for right then). so when racheal asked me to guest post i was naturally nervous and excited. i usually avoid computers and technology like the plague, but this time sitting down with everybody out there in cyber space has been nice.

i never thought in sixth grade that i would be sitting here telling you about the girl thats six inches taller than everyone. here i am though blabbing on. God blesses me everyday i get to wake up next to my wife and daughter. they are both wonderful people and if you ever get the chance to run with the Kendrick girls, do so. my hands are starting to cramp and i think i've rambled on enough.  thank you everyone who reads daily and it has been nice getting to know you. keep reading and you may find yourself RUNNING WITH RACHEAL.


  1. Awwww.... *love this*! Thank you for sharing her with us, Dan!

  2. Adorable! Sounds like you're both lucky to have each other. Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a nice guy!!! love when married couples praise each other, so precious!

  4. Super sweet and cracked me up!

    My favorite part......"because she just gets weird"

  5. Seriously though, who can resist those sideburns?! ;-)

  6. This is so sweet....lucky you, Racheal!!

  7. Awww what a sweet post. Hi Dan :) Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoy reading Racheal's blog everyday and enjoy hearing about all of the exciting things going on in your life and some really great recipes too.


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