Friday, November 15, 2013

Soli Beat Review and Other Friday Favorites

Good morning and Happy Friday!  I hope you had a fantastic week.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling a run, so I was pumped when I found the Soli Beat DVD in my mail box.  


 Gina, who blogs at The Fitnessista, made her first dance DVD - Soli Beat.  The Fitnessista is my favorite blog, the one I have been reading the longest, and the inspiration to start my own blog.  

So, you can imagine how excited I was to have my favorite blogger in my living room.  Ha!  

IMG 2869

Soli Beat is a dance type workout, which is very different from anything I am used to (running, biking, swimming, JM, etc).  

During the first few dances, I was pretty uncomfortable.  Even though I had gone through the beginner portion which walks you through the steps, I wasn't doing them all correctly.  

But, then I was like, "Racheal, who cares?  Just have fun.  No one can see you."

That is when things got a little crazy and I got a lot sweaty.  Who knew that you could get such a great workout in by dancing?  (Okay, a lot of people know that.)  Seriously, I am sore today!  

Thanks Gina for pulling me out of my comfort zone.  I can't wait to get the moves down a little better.  Maybe I will bust them out at the next wedding I go to?


Other Friday favorites: 

- This comic called, The Only Thing that is Certain After a Year of Parenting.  It is mostly funny, but my favorite part is the end: 

Screen Shot 2013 11 15 at 6 03 40 AM

- Ina searching for the cheapest turkey this Thanksgiving

IMG 2868

(Give that girl any paper product: magazines, our church bulletin, a grocery receipt, and she is entertained for at least 20 minutes.)

- Not so favorite - this  snarky article written about why runners run.  Even though I mostly don't agree with him, I do LOVE to talk about my running (hence this blog).  I also can't deny that I like the accolades I get from other people when I talk about it.  However, if it helps me to run one more day, to be healthy, then who cares?  Everyone needs motivation, right?


- These skinny jeans.  Remember when StitchFix sent me jeans that I loved that were too big?  I found them on Amazon (for $20 cheaper!) in my size.  I can't wait to wear them to work today.  This is the first pair of jean I have purchased since pharmacy school!

- Ina's first birthday party.  I am doing a Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme.  Here is the invite:


Too much?  

Not enough.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!


  1. Ina sure is thrifty! One year already?

    Boy, that article made me mad. When I was able to run, I wasn't doing it to show off. I was embarrassed to run in public, but I did it anyway. Does that make me NOT a runner? I so wish I could run again. It gave me confidence and something to reach for. When I'd post on Facebook or on my blog it was mostly for accountability. Sure, I was proud, too. But not in a an attention-seeking sort of way. And all of the stuff runners buy is good for the economy, right? And setting an example for the future generations who are going to be growing up in our society of obesity. Can you tell it made me angry?

    Then I got to thinking that you can bash anything. I could bash parents of honor students or soccer players for showing off or attention-seeking or people who have "my pug rescued me" as a bumper sticker or those who have the stick figures of their entire families on their cars.

    It's easy to write an article against something if you've never done it before. In fact, it's funny to see it through the author's eyes, thinking that runners are completely narcissistic and not even acknowledging that it has anything to do with health or that the running community is actually great because we cheer each other on.

    Okay, I'm rambling now on your blog post. I will stop. ;)

  2. I can't believe it's time for first birthday parties!!!

  3. i'm so happy you're enjoying the dvd!!
    hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sweet fam.


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