Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Weekly Food and Fitness Plan #13

Good morning!  How is your weekend treating you?

Mine is going great!  It started out somewhat stressful on Friday when I realized that Ina didn't have any shoes for her first year pictures the next morning.  When I say that she didn't have any shoes I don't mean she didn't have any cute shoes, or she didn't have any shoes that matched her outfits.

What I mean is that she did not have a single pair of shoes that fit her feet.  Baby girl is growing!  After an emergency trip to Target all was right with the world.

IMG 2960

She did mostly okay during the pictures. She started out in a great mood, but once we took the Christmas lights away it was all downhill from there.  

After a much needed nap we headed down to my grandparents' house for the evening where Ina played with her cousins.

IMG 2965

I got my second workout of the day in by pushing those 3 around in that rubbermaid container.  

IMG 2966

Those two girls are going to get into some trouble.  Half the time they are kissing each other and they other half the time they both wanted to sit in the same chair.  

They both managed to climb onto the door of the dishwasher - such help.

IMG 2948

I played ninja turtles and pirate with my nephew.

IMG 2967

If anybody has any good ninja turtle stories, could you please help an aunt out?  My imagination is limited and there are only so many semi-nonviolent ways a good guy can catch a bad guy.  

I am oh so excited for Thanksgiving week coming up.  I know that meals will mostly be up in the air, but I can still plan on fitness.  


  • Sunday: 3 mile run
  • Monday: 3 to 4 mile run
  • Tuesday: spin class (<-- I skipped out last week, so this week I must go!)
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: TDay I would like to get in some form of exercise - maybe I should bring my soli beat DVD to grandma's
  • Friday: Ripped in 30
  • Saturday: rest

A few things I do plan to cook this week: 

- Our small group is having Thanksgiving dinner, so I am going to make cranberry salad (friend's recipe), corn casserole (mom's recipe), and stuffing

Pumpkin oatmeal bites for breakfasts this week

- Chicken fried rice (if I get the rice ready today, the meal can be made relatively quickly whenever we need it)

Running with Racheal

What are you up to this week?

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  1. That birthday outfit is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Those picture must be adorable!

    It is such a great workout playing with the kids - I need to keep this I'm mind more. When I first started trying to lose weight I named my blog "Like a 2-year-old" because I ate similar meals to him and played with him for my exercise. Such a great way to bond with the kids and get some activity in!

    As for the ninja turtles, we played that as a child and always had someone get captured, so it was more about freeing them from the bad guys rather thank just fighting them. Maybe you could set so e traps to catch the bad guys - have a blanket fall down on them, pour some "ooze" on the ground and they'll stick or melt, etc... Sounds like fun - way to go auntie!


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