Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meatless Monday?

I probably could go an entire day without meat and not even notice.  I was essentially vegetarian the entire month I was in Africa.  

However, when I know I am not supposed to eat meat - ugh, that is difficult.  I guess I am a rule breaker at heart?

No, probably not.

#Elf4Health started yesterday (you can sign up in two weeks for round 2!) and the first challenge was meatless Monday, which of course I figured out after I had prepped stuffed pepper soup for lunch.  

IMG 3009

Although I went all day without eating meat (fairly easily) I didn't like it very much.  

  • B: Coconut, banana, walnut overnight oats
  • L: hb eggs, red pepper, grapes, almonds
  • S: chips and salsa
  • D: veggie fried rice (we put jalapeƱos on top and oh my, it was next level)

Dan and Ina had chicken in their rice and I was jealous.  Meatless Monday - I am not your biggest fan. 

Things that took my mind off the meat: 

- An almost 4 mile run with Kim.  Only she would motivate me to run while wearing my skiing clothes to stay warm

IMG 3007

- Ina's new Gap hoodie (Dan has plans to send this pic to Gap and ask for money)

IMG 3017

- Ina's hand turkey - LOVE

IMG 3026

- Bath time.  We have been in a hurry the past week so Ina has been stuck in the shower with us.  Last night she was reunited with all of her bath toys and she had lots to tell them.  

IMG 3028

All of Ina's bath toys have squirt holes where their mouth would be.  Except for the whale, which is anatomically correct. Which I always remember AFTER I squirt water in my face.  Fail.  

Today is a big one - small group Thanksgiving!  Hope your day is blessed!


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