Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

Good morning!

Ina and I are coming at 'cha from the kitchen table.  She is eating breakfast while I am furiously typing.  

IMG 2744

I woke up with a baby finger in my nostril, so today has got to be a good one, right?  

Usually Ina wakes up around 5ish and I feed her and put her back to bed. This morning, in a daze I brought her back to bed with me, fed her, and fell back asleep.  

It was fun to wake up with her and cuddle her, but she doesn't make preparing the coffee any easier, you know?

A few Friday Favorites:

- This beautiful tree in my front yard.

IMG 2745

The other day as I was walking outside, I stopped and said, "Wow, look how beautiful that tree is!"

Dan said, "it has been that way for a week now."

Whomp, whomp.

- Hoodies

IMG 2720

I bought this one (which I am pretty sure is meant for a boy) for $4 on the clearance rack at Target.  Only the best for my baby.

- Kath's recipe for pumpkin oatmeal bites.  Ina gobbled them right up, and so did I.  Yum!

IMG 2719

- This video on being a mom- totally cried

- This piece (written by a friend of a friend of a friend) on being a mom in the age of social media.

My favorite part: 

 You are an amazing mother.

You're crafty. You hate playdough. You serve chicken nuggets. You raise chickens. You read every food label. You serve artificially flavored and colored cereal for breakfast. You homeschool. You public school. You have spotless floors. You are trying even now to remember the last time you mopped. You work. You stay at home. You make beds. You make messes. You turn on Dora. You don't own a television. You make stuff. You buy stuff.


Yes, you. No one can do this thing better than you. Fight for that. Contend for it. Remember it on your worst days and your best days. And when you see HER doing her thing, high-five her. Thumbs-up her. (Because, trust me, she needs that today.) And when you give her props, do it without losing yourself. Without doubting yourself.


No one can do this better than you. No one.

I am pretty sure I fall in every category listed there. 

I know that I often share a lot of my life as a mom, and I just want to reinterate what the article says - no judgement here, just support.  

That's all I have.  Any favorites on your end?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am loving the trees lately too!!! And Miss Ina looks soooo precious in her hoodie!!!!

  2. Need to try this pumpkin oatmeal bites! That's a great article on motherhood and so true,thanks for sharing


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