Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do You...


I love Wednesday mornings because our small group meets on Tuesday nights and I feel so recharged afterwards.

On the dinner menu: crock pots for the win!

-Crockpot asian glazed chicken with Dan's fried rice

(I had a little howling [literally] begger when I was shredding the chicken)

IMG 2844

-Crockpot apple crisp

Today I thought we do so something fun -humor me.   

I have asked / been asked a few questions lately, so I thought I would answer them and ask you the same thing.

1. Do you wear a coat after you workout if it is cold outside?

Yesterday, as I was leaving the gym after spin class, it was 17 degrees outside.  Brrr.  However, I could not force my sweaty self to put a coat on.  Gross.  

IMG 2842

I will also say that I despise coats on principal and am historically more likely to lose my coat if I wear it, so I usually just don't unless I am going skiing, sledding, or to another outdoor event.  What's the point?  You go from the house (heated) to the car (heated) to work (heated) and then back again.  That adds up to about 3 minutes of being cold, which is not worth the hassle of keeping track of a coat, in my opinion.  

2. Do you acknowledge / smile at people when you pass them in the hallway at work? When passing them while running / walking?

Kim and I were having this conversation on Monday morning.  Granted, I am a smiley person, however, nothing boils my blood more than when I pass by someone in the hallway at work and he/she acts like I am invisible, which leaves me looking like a smiling, waving idiot.  

I am always tempted to turn around and walk in front of them until they say hi.

The same can be said when I pass someone when running.  Hi person I don't know!  We both like running!  We both live in the same neighborhood!  How much more do you want to have in common with someone before you at least say hi?!?

3. Do you take off your shoes at others' houses and/or require people to take off their shoes at your house?  

My friend Courtney posted this article on FB a few weeks ago, which had me really thinking about my shoe habits.  

I take off my shoes as soon as I sit down.  Anywhere.  Except for church.  I hate wearing shoes more than I hate wearing a coat.  One summer I got all the way to my chemistry lab before I realized I didn't have any shoes on.  

I hope my shoelessness doesn't creep other people out when I am at their house.

Our house is shoes optional.  Yes, we do have carpet, but we also have dogs, so there is nothing your shoes are going to bring in that our dogs didn't already.  

Don't you want to come lay on my carpet now?

Have a good hump day!


  1. I usually dont put on a coat after leaving the gym but i might today LOL! THe smile it depends on my mood! LOL And the shoe thing it depends on how good i know the person. At my house i dont tell people to but they usually will leave them in the foryer area.

  2. I'm with you on saying hi! It is not that hard!!

  3. I have found in my area the runners say hi, but the walkers don't! It is so rude, especially after I already said HI! Come on people! lol.

  4. I hate wearing coats, but I hate being cold...
    I take my shoes off when I go in someones house and my own.


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