Thursday, October 17, 2013


Last night, for my cousin Abby's 30th birthday, her mom gave her two tickets to see Wicked.

Guess who she took?

IMG 2388

It was wonderful.  

The music.  The costumes.  The music.  The jokes (which I still laughed at even though I knew they were coming).  The music.  

IMG 2392

My favorite songs of all time come from this musical and I can't even pick just one.  It is a 3-way tie: For Good, Defying Gravity, and Popular.  All 3 are guaranteed to inspire me to sing as loud as possible and either dance or cry. 

Or both.  

IMG 2391

Don't worry, I kept my mouth shut for the performance. 

Because I didn't get home until really late I slept through my WW meeting, which I feel absolutely horrible about.  Before I fell asleep, I read Katie's post about re-joining, and was newly inspired (you go girl!).  However, last night was one of many, many nights in a row where I have had less than 5 hours of sleep.  All in one month she cut 4 teeth, had an ear infection, had croup, and went on vacation (she doesn't sleep well in unfamiliar areas).  

I am starting to wear thin.  

So, I am not skipping WW because I don't want to go (I love the people there!).  I am not skipping because I don't want to get on the scale (quite the opposite actually).  I missed because I really, really needed that 6th hour of sleep when Ina let me have it.  

Have a great day!


  1. As you know, you always need to take care of yourself FIRST! I'm glad you slept in that extra hour.

    Oh how I've wanted to see WICKED! I just might have to go by myself. Most of my friends have seen it and can't drop another $100 right now.

  2. I know what you mean, my brother is home from the Marines right now preparing to leave to be stationed in California (clear across the country!!) and when he is home it feels like a holiday and schedules and eating plans be darned haha!! I have been sooo slack, so scared of the scale at WW's! LOL


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