Monday, October 7, 2013

Transitioning from Summer to Fall: Le Stylo Rouge Guest Post

Good Monday morning!  Ina and I are currently road trippin' from Nashville to Florida, so as you are reading this I am most likely singing a song to try to keep her entertained in her carseat.  Don't fret - we will be sitting on the beach soon enough.

While I am taking a break from the real world, I asked a few of my friends to help keep you guys entertained.  I am so excited about our first guest post - my friend Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge.  Unlike many of my blogging friends, Ashley and I actually know each other in real life, and have been friends since middle school.  (I had to fight the urge to scan in a middle school picture).

In middle school I looked to Ashley for fashion tips, and ahem years later nothing much has changed (if it wasn't for her and SitchFix I would be lost).


Hi all, I'm Ashley and I blog over at Le Stylo Rouge.  Racheal and I are old high school buddies- wait, middle school actually, right Rach? - and she asked me to do a guest post on how to transition pieces of your summer wardrobe into fall.  

Getting dressed during those quirky months that bleed into a new season can be tricky. Cool and crisp in the a.m., blistering by lunch.  (Hello, Midwest weather!)  Here are a few ideas to get you through the next few weeks:

A Sweater + Shorts

Sweater shorts collage

The key here is to keep the sweater lightweight so that it doesn't look awkward with a pair of shorts.  (Don't reach for that thick cableknit just yet!)

I like a slouchy fit, especially when wearing shorts in the fall, so a boyfriend cut is a good bet.  (You're not running around poolside, so the itty bitty denim cutoffs don't translate here.)  Stripes are a go-to for me all year long, but this tan and orange combo is an autumn dream.  It's like a preppy version of the pumpkin spice latte, no?  An ankel bootie (as opposed to your standard summer sandal) makes the outfit more October and less June.  Ankle booties will be everywhere this fall and winter, so break 'em out now.

A Tank + Jeans

Tank jeans collage

It sounds easy, and it really is.  Grab a tank top or sleeveless blouse, match it up with a favorite pair of jeans, and add a jacket or vest in a fall-friendly color (think plums, red, oranges, olive greens, whiskey browns, etc.).  Voila! You're out the door.  

Think you can't wear pastels in the fall?  You totally can.  I chose this pastel pink halter blouse and a pair of medium wash ankle-legnth jeans.  The outfit seems a bit spring-like at first, but after adding a vest in military green and a pair of all-season nude pumps, I'm feeling quite fall.  And the combo of baby pink + tough olive green is a bit unexpected and cool.  

A Dress + Jacket

Dress jacket collage

Jackets are the workhorses of my wardrobe.  They can elevate an outfit, make a tank top appropriate for the office, and take my summer dress right up through Halloween.  

This is a classic summer sundress, which means I should be putting it away for the year about right now.  What gives it an October-feel?  Adding ankle boots and a denim jacket.  (You could also add tall riding boots with this; it's time to bring out the boots!)  Do you own a denim jacket?  You need one; they're perfect for transitional weather.  Get one in a classic cut + wash and you'll be set for seasons to come.  

Happy outfitting!


Thanks Ash!  Be sure to follow Ashley over at Le Stylo Rouge for other great fashion tips!


  1. Great tips from Ashley! She is always on-point!

    Style Diary

  2. I keep seeing those cute vests popping up. I need one!

  3. Ashley - I love your blog and I enjoyed this very much. Awesome tips to take clothing from Summer to Fall. 3 Great Outfits. I especially love the first one. =)


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