Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Carbmonster Guest Post

Good morning!  Today is the last day of vacation.  I know, super sad.  However, I do have one more awesome guest post for you from one of my favorite bloggers - Katie at The Carbmonster (seriously the best blog name ever).  

I love reading Katie's honest and hilarious posts.  I really feel like I know her in real life.  <3

I will see you guys tomorrow with a vacation recap and more pictures of a baby on a beach than you thought were humanly possible.  

Thanks Katie!
Thanks for asking me to guest post for Thankful Thursday while you're on the road.  I love coming to get my daily dose of Ina!  Those sweet cheeks always make me smile. Writing a Thankful Thursday post made me realize how much I take for granted all the awesome blessings I have in my life!  It is definitely good for the heart to slow down and take time to be thankful! Here's my list (I'm going to limit it to 5 or we'd be here all day!):
{1} Family.
Buddy, the 120 pound lapdog.
My biggest supporters, the ones who catch me when I fall and lift me back up.  And my Bud, my cuddlebug.  Best things in life: free hugs and wet puppy noses.  
{2} Health.
I spend so much time focusing on the outside, I forget how thankful I should be that I am healthy.  Time to love my body instead of criticizing it.  
{3} Financial stability.
Finally paid off my credit card after four years of drowning in interest charges.  I'm still in shock when I see that zero balance (and have to resist making it rain with dollar bills).
{4} Job.
I really don't realize how lucky I am to have job security.  Even with government furloughs and other instability, I have always felt like my company will take care of me (which is a huge difference from the large corporation I used to work for).  Even though I'm not hopping out of bed to get to work every morning, I will be more thankful to sit at that desk!
{5} Blogging.
I've been struggling with depression for several years and it's led to a huge battle with using food to hurt myself.  Instead of keeping everything bottled up, I've been able to use the blog to journal and learn more about myself, the things I need to work on, and learn to love myself at any size.  
The most amazing gift has been all of the support I've found through my bloggy friends!  I never feel judged, but accepted unconditionally.  This community is awesome <3
Running with Racheal

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Those are great things to be thankful for! Financial stress can make life pure poop. I'm so happy for you that you've gotten or of that debt.


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