Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Racheal's Random Thoughts

Good morning!

Before I made coffee this morning, I thought, "I probably won't blog today.  I don't have anything to write about."

Well, I accidentally made the coffee a little strong, and now I have lots to say.  

Poor you.

Half Marathon Thoughts:

  • I am not sore at all.  Yay!
  • I am super proud of my cousin for completing her first half marathon (hopefully not her last?)
  • This guy puts my 13.1 miles to shame.  Not only did he ran 26.2, but he knit a 12 foot scarf.  Wow, apparently I really need to get my life together.  
  • I really want to beat my PR at my next race

Holiday Thoughts

  • I am sending something very similar to this letter out to my family the next time I host an event.  Hilarious.  I think it would take more time to write that letter than just doing it yourself (or finding your own serving spoons).  
  • Our church is doing a trunk or treat this year, and I need to come up with a plan.  Right now I am stuck between one of two things.  1) Plan it around Ina's koala bear costume and do a "down under" theme.  2) Decorate the trunk of the Lincoln to look like a whale's mouth and have Dan be Jonah inside.  Thoughts?
  • I am seriously considering making all of our Christmas presents this year.  Seriously.  I have a secret Pinterest Board set up and have an idea for pretty much everyone, except a few men.  What do you make men that doesn't involve food?  I will also need to borrow someone's sewing machine and find someone to watch Ina every Saturday from now leading up to Christmas, but it will be worth it, right?

Family Thoughts

  • We are so blessed to live close to most of our family.  (Now you can tell the coffee is really kicking in.)  
  • On Tuesdays Dan's parents watch Ina and she absolutely loves it.  They spent the night last night and watching Ina with her grandma was so fun.  Dan's mom has already taught her to stick her tongue out, almost say mama, and throw her arms in the air when we yell, touchdown
  • My mom is coming over tonight to watch all the kids from small group in our basement.  Please pray for her.  

I think that is enough for today.  Have a good one!



  1. I'm not saying no to another half marathon, but I don't think it will be in the next year. I felt good at the 10K point so I'm thinking about doing the groundhog run 10K on January 26.

    1. Good idea! I will probably do that race too. :)

  2. Funny about the guy knitting the scarf. I think that is awesome that you are thinking of making your own gifts! I would love a full report post-Christmas. SO COOL!

    1. I plan on doing a full post on it. :) If I ever get it done. Ha!

  3. What's a trunk or treat? I saw a church sign that was hosting one this weekend and was so confused!

    1. Everyone parks their car in the church parking lot. All the kids trick or treat from car to car. Usually people decorate their car.

    2. Yes, that is pretty much it. Our church is putting it on in the church parking lot. I think it is safer for the kids and easier for the parents than going door to door. You should take G to one just to check it out!

  4. OMG I so remember reading that Thanksgiving letter! It's hilarious.


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