Friday, October 11, 2013

Pictures from Nashville / Watersound Beach 2014

We packed light.

IMG 2136

We easily strolled through security.

IMG 2139

FYI - the rules for lap children have changed - you DO need a birth certificate.  Thank God for her doctor's office and their awesome faxing skills.

IMG 2149

Ina did great on her first plane ride and slept almost the entire time!

IMG 3548

We enjoyed Nashville - the city was very hospitable.  

IMG 3580

They even let MU

IMG 3603

IMG 2172

IMG 3614

AND the Chiefs win.  

IMG 2187

IMG 3621

The rain even held out - for the most part.  

IMG 3632

On Monday Ina, my cousin, my aunt, and I drove to Florida to a BRAND stinking new beach house.  

IMG 0704

It was like I was in a Pottery Barn Magazine.

IMG 2259

Let's just say I know somebody

IMG 0694

who knows somebody

IMG 2262

who knows somebody.

IMG 0720

We spent the next few days drinking coffee, chatting, and going to the beach.

IMG 0729

IMG 0739

Ina was a trooper in the water - and was only slightly afraid of the waves.  

IMG 0749

IMG 0773

IMG 3654

IMG 3663

IMG 0844

IMG 3675

IMG 0862

On the flight home, it was like I was bringing a different baby back.  She now wants anyone and everyone around her to pay attention to her.  She loved sticking her hand out to the people in front of and behind us.  

IMG 0911

She is a nut.  

IMG 0912

It was a great trip.  I am refreshed and ready to tackle the fall.  

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. So cute! Just curious the idea behind the double stroller? Was it just to help carry stuff? Looks like it came in handy. Just wondering if there was another reason. We did a plane once when she was 3 months but going again at 9 months in November. I feel like its going to be a completely different battle.

  2. Ha! We used a double stroller because that is what we had. Dan bought it at a garage sale years ago, because he always buys random stuff that we will one day need. :) However, it did come in handy when we had to haul stuff.

    Yes, I think a plane ride at 3 months will be different than 9 months. However, I still think it would be easier than two. Ha! Good luck!

  3. Oh my goodness, she's too cute! I wish I knew the same people you knew. That beach house is amazing!


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